Till Death Do Us Part – In 1990 Robertson McQuilkin resigned his post as president of Columbia Bible College and Graduate School in order to take care of his beloved wife Muriel, who stopped recognizing him (due to Alzheimer’s) in 1983 and went to be with the Lord in 2003 at the age of 81.

Here are two Christianity Today articles by Dr. McQuilkin about caring for his wife:

Living by Vows (October 8, 1990)
Muriel’s Blessing” (February 5, 1996)

And here is an interview he did with Stan Guthrie upon Muriel’s death (February 1, 2004).

Someone had a tape recorder at his resignation speech, and you can watch a portion of it below. May God make us men like this: 

8 Symptoms of False Doctrine  – Quotes from J.C. Ryle on False Doctrine from the Gospel Coalition blog.

National Geographic Magazine shows a 2 minute 56 second video on the “typical human” on earth today. In a world of 7 billion people, who is the most “typical” human being on earth today? Very interesting.

The Book SurgeonTo say that this is “fascinating” art is an understatement. Another example of how God created humans to be creative.

Facebook Obsession – This video gives some context to our current Facebook Obsession.



The Relationship between Church and Parachurchexcellent articles from the 9Marks eJournal