One of the young pastors that I enjoy reading on a regular basis is Kevin DeYoung. Kevin is an accomplished author and speaker (only in his late 30’s, maybe early 40’s at most). I find that he has a great deal of wisdom and insight on everything from theology to church ministry to Christian living in general. A few months back Kevin posted an article on his blog entitled “The Hole in our Holiness.” I found it to be truly one of the best, most concise treatments of the importance of holiness (or Christlikeness) in the believers life. The blog post is only a page and a half, but loaded with great wisdom and insight! I thought I would pass it along for your encouragement. Click here to read The Hole in our Holiness.

Next week I’ll continue in my series on “12 Things I Wish I Had Known, Understood, Believed and Lived 30 Years Ago.”

Also, in the coming weeks, I will be posting a critique of Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins. In case you are looking for a good, biblically sound review / critique of Bell’s book, take a look at the following articles:

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Rob Bell’s Bridge Too Far by Mark Galli

David Platt: Do We Really Believe What We Are Saying?

Mark Driscoll: To Hell with Hell?

Tim Challies – A Review of Rob Bell’s Book “Love Wins”