This week, I’m honored to share with you the ministry work of GTN staff member, as well as long time friend and brother in Christ, Dan Smythe. Dan has been on staff with GTN for 5 years now, and I regularly hear dozens of exciting, life-transforming stories from him about the fruit God is bringing about as he trains pastors and church leaders all over the world.

As a side note to this story, Lisa and I have known Dan and his wife Debbie for 32 years now. Back in 1980, while Dan was serving as the new High School Youth Pastor (and department head of our church’s youth ministry), he was instrumental in mentoring me (a young, Bible-college attending, newly married Jr. High Youth Pastor).

After our years serving together in ministry at Northwest Community Church, he went on to plant and pastor several churches, while Lisa and I were sent out to plant NCC’s first daughter church in 1990. In 2007, God providentially brought Dan and I back together in ministry when he came on staff with Global Training Network. Dan is now training church planters and pastors in India, China, Cambodia and Nigeria.

If you want to hear an incredibly inspiring story of God’s work of transformation, take 3-4 minutes to watch this latest video where Dan tells the story of Pastor Samnang and his wife, Sharia, ministering on the front lines of the battle against sex trafficking in Cambodia. You’ll hear the connection of how training pastors is so vital to helping to bring an end to injustices such as sex trafficking around the world. I know you’ll be incredibly blessed and moved, as I was!