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“To stay away from Christianity because part of the Bible’s teaching is offensive to you assumes that if there is a God, he wouldn’t have any views that upset you. Does that belief make sense?”
(Timothy Keller)

“Most of my sins are hidden. My friends think too well of me. My enemies think inaccurately of me. Only God knows. Good.”
(Ray Ortlund)

“Imagine a world without music. What a sad, sad place it would be.”
(Jackie Hill Perry)

“He has chosen not to heal me, but to hold me. The more intense the pain, the closer his embrace.”
(Joni Eareckson Tada – well-known author and speaker who has suffered from paralysis for over 50 years)

“The more spiritually alive and mature we are, the more we recognize how far short we fall of the glory of God. The closer we get to a mirror, the more clearly we perceive our imperfections. The mirror for Christians is Christ. Therefore, it should not surprise us that those who have known Him best have been most aware of their imperfections and most appreciative of His love and grace.”
(Tom Hovestol – from his book: Extreme Righteousness)

“God is a lot more patient with you than you are with you.”
(Bryan Loritts)

“Our blustering civilization has completely robbed us of a concentrated inner life, dragged our souls out into a bazaar, whether of commerce or of party politics.”
(Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

“Christians get very angry toward other Christians who sin differently than they do.”
(Philip Yancey)

“Married people – Don’t play with fire. You’re going to get burned. Jesus is better than everything. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. The grass is greener where the lawn is taken care of.”
(Derwin Gray)

“Don’t save up love like you’re going to retire on it; we’re rivers, not reservoirs.”
(Bob Goff)

“Reading one book well is far better than reading ten to check off your list.”
(Karen Swallow Prior)

“Everyone will be forgotten, nothing we do will make any difference, and all good endeavors, even the best, will come to naught. Unless there is God. If the God of the Bible exists, and there is a True Reality beneath and behind this one, and this life is not the only life, then every good endeavor, even the simplest ones, pursued in response to God’s calling, can matter forever.”
(Timothy Keller)